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Backyard Artificial Grass Fun
Artificial Grass in the Summer
Over the past couple of years, California has been blessed with abundant winter rains, relieving our communities from the strain of a near decade-long drought and we are all grateful. Natural grass lawns have been growing throughout the Winter and early Spring seasons, increasing our need to mow, weed and maintain. Also, water rates continue to rise as the Summer brings dry weather conditions. We can easily find ourselves heavily watering our lawns to keep them from turning brown.
By: Jason V.
May, 29, 2024
Backyard Putting Green
Backyard Putting Greens
At Golden Gate Greens we work closely with a tightly knit crew of highly skilled putting green installers. We also offer in-house collaborative putting green design and are happy to hop on Zoom meeting calls to fine tune your design. In addition, our entire team has been trained in partnership with PGA Pro Dave Pelz and SYNLawn on the most common Elements of Practice (EOP) when it comes to your short game. We offer the full range of EOPs as needed based on the size of your green.
By: Jason V.
May, 06, 2024
Artificial Grass Installation
Install Your Artificial Grass Before the Summer Surge!
Summer is the time that our clients want more than ever to enjoy their artificial grass, and the sooner they and their families can start enjoying it the better. As we leave winter behind and approach warmer weather in spring, this is the best time to have Golden Gate Greens out to install your artificial grass. This will maximize the amount of time that you and your family can enjoy being outdoors on your artificial grass installation through the hot days to come.
By: Jason V.
April, 24, 2024
Sustainable Artificial Grass
Our Commitment to Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass
As our planet continues to evolve, so have our concerns about environmental sustainability. What used to be a niche concern in consumer product markets has become part of many companies' brand identities as the end user's awareness continually grows regarding the health of our environment. Our consumers are evolving from passive buyers to informed customers who are deeply concerned about environmental footprints and ethical best practices of the companies they support.
By: Jason V.
March, 23, 2024
PFAS Free Artificial Grass
PFAS Free Artificial Grass
Last year, PFAS made headlines with multiple concerns about the environment and human health. This begs the question, what are PFAS? PFAS, short for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are manmade chemicals that have been used in everyday consumer products since the 1940s.
By: Jason V.
February, 20, 2024
SYNLawn Super Yarn
Safest, Cleanest & Greenest Artificial Grass in the Industry
At Golden Gate Greens, we proudly stand behind our SYNLawn branded artificial grass products. These products are tested extensively for durability, quality, safety, and sustainability. At SYNLawn's factory in Dalton, GA, there is a large testing room dedicated to R&D of its entire product line.
By: Jason V.
October, 12, 2023

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