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Safest, Cleanest & Greenest Artificial Grass in the Industry

At Golden Gate Greens, we proudly stand behind our SYNLawn branded artificial grass products. These products are tested extensively for durability, quality, safety, and sustainability. At SYNLawn's factory in Dalton, GA, there is a large testing room dedicated to R&D of its entire product line. SYNLawn does more testing on its products than any other manufacturer in the industry with over 300 different types of tests performed throughout the year. One of the most frequent tests is checking for lead content in its polyethylene yarns, which is performed multiple times throughout the day. SYNLawn's lead content typically tests in at the levels of pacifiers and bottles. SYNLawn is not only dedicated to quality products but also to the safety and health of its customers and the environment. There are recycling facilities in the states that will accept SYNLawn products once they've reached their life expectancy and convert them into recycled goods.

SYNLawn Lab
Lead levels in plastic is a very serious concern for consumer safety as well as environmental sustainability. Most overseas artificial grass manufacturers have very little to zero quality control or environmental regulations on their products. There have been instances in the past of artificial grass manufactured overseas that was installed in public areas in California and was required to be removed because there were toxins detected in the turf, and the waste could not be recycled. SYNLawn is dedicated to consumer health and safety and environmental sustainability, and their products are regularly specified by architects on public works projects.

Because SYNLawn is the leading innovator in product technology and design, Golden Gate Greens can extend to our clients their unmatched lifetime product warranty. SYNLawn's products last 20+ years before they are typically replaced. SYNLawn's newest and most welcome innovation is SuperYarn™, which contains three valuable features. The product, in collaboration with Sanitized™ technology, is antimicrobial. DualChill™ strengthens the turf fibers and acts as a thermal shield, increasing their resilience and durability with up to 42% improvement in infrared reflectivity, reducing temperatures in the turf. Lastly, StatBlock™ technology reduces static buildup.

SYNLawn Lab
SYNLawn's innovative features and commitment to quality are what we at Golden Gate Greens proudly present to our local communities. We offer competitive pricing, and we encourage our customers to research the differences in quality between SYNLawn and other manufacturers.

For more information on product safety and sustainability, feel free to contact us today. 415-278-7070