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Golden Gate Greens is an Artificial Grass Supplier and Installer in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have chosen to exclusively install SYNLawn Products and have access to their Entire Collection of Top Quality American Made Artificial Grass.

We have been working with SYNLawn products for nearly a decade and are ready and prepared to continue to share our expertise with the Bay Area community and provide a high quality lawn replacement experience.

Given our enhanced level of knowledge of SYNLawn products and core competencies developed over the years in this industry, our commitment to quality and service rises to the top.

Why Golden Gate Greens Chooses SYNLawn
  • 100% American made in Dalton, GA
  • Unmatched Lifetime Warranty
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Superior Drainage and Durability
  • EnviroLoc Soybean Based Backing
  • USDA Certified
  • Heatblock Technology™
  • Natural Appearance and Soft feel
  • Access to a network of over 100 SYNLawn Distributors
  • The most innovative artificial grass manufacturer in existence
  • Global leaders in the industry leading quality control
  • Synthetic Turf Council leaders and members
  • Continually expanding and rising to growth challenges
  • Performs the most testing on their products annually
  • Non-toxic materials
  • 100% Recyclable Products
  • Recognized Globally as a Leader in the Industry
  • Sister Company with AstroTurf
  • Parent company, SportsGroup® is the largest installer globally
  • Partnered with PGA Pros to design professional golf greens
  • Extremely Pet Friendly
  • Uninhabitable for fleas, ticks and pests
  • SuperYarn technology - antimicrobial grass fibers
  • Saves water, over 50% reduction in residential water use
  • Quick Return on Investment - on average 3 - 7 years
  • Original manufacturer of artificial grass since 1965
  • Great responsiveness to dealers and clients

Unmatched American Made Quality

SYNLawn SuperYarn Technology

Sanitized Antimicrobial

Santized® Antimicrobial

1. Sanitized helps eliminate pet odors and provides long lasting protection against the formation of bacteria and algae.

2. Sanitized works by eliminating bacterial growth and preventing the propagation of backing on SYNLawn face fibers

3. ASTM E2149-01/10 shows that Sanitized in the face fiber had a reduction of >99% of the bacteria's reduced, which were E. Coli and Strep.

4. Sanitized is a silver-based technology that has been used for centuries, thus meaning the additive is very dependable and extremely safe.

5. Other companies using this additive are: Levi Jeans, Sleep Number, Timberland, Bauer Hockey, & Orvis

SYNLawn DualChill Technology

DualChill™ IR Reflective

1. Infrared light is a detriment to turf. Over time this light, invisible to the human eye, gets absorbed into the turf fibers and softens them over time making them less resilient.

2. DualChill is introduced to the fiber and acts as a thermal shield, meaning that IR is not absorbed into the fiber.

3. Test results done on the same fiber package, with and without DualChill, shows that there is an average of a 34.7% increase in IR reflectivity. Test showed results up to 42% improvement.

4. DualChill also yields improved physical characteristics for the fibers on a variety of test.

5. SYNLawn Turf fibers will now be longer lasting and more dependable due to the DualChill upgrade.

SYNLawn StatBlock Anti-Static Technology

StatBlock™ Anti-Static

1. StatBlock is a new carbon-based anti-static ingredient molecularly bound into the face fibers that inhibits the buildup of static electricity

2. Anti-static components are used in the industry but SYNLawn brings the first DNA level addition.

3. Testing shows up to a 17x reduction in static levels when StatBlock in introduced into the turf.

SYNLawn Enviroloc Technology

Enviroloc™ Backing

1. Created with a durable 2-part woven (Polypropylene and Polyester) backing for a fuller tufted look.

2. Less fiber loss for a more environmentally responsible approach to synthetic grass.

3. Reduces algae and fungi growth to help alleviate allergies in the environment.

4. The long-life expectancy of SYNLawn's artificial grass reduces the impact on landfills, eliminates emissions from lawn care tools, and saves precious water resources.


Iconic History - Over 50 Years in the Game

AstroTurf® - SYNLawn's sister brand, the iconic AstroTurf, launches center stage in sports surfacing


The SYNLawn brand is born as turf for landscape makes its debut. The First SYNLawn distributorship opens in Las Vegas in 2003 and the first commercial project is installed


SYNLawn pushes massive product innovation, launches sustainable bio-based backing and creates HeatBlock™ technology, resulting in 20% cooler surface temperatures

2006 - 2011

SYNLawn joins the Sport Group family. Sport Group sells and installs more synthetic turf landscape, sport fields and athletic tracks globally than any other business


SYNLawn brings all manufacturing processes under one, 7-football-field-sized roof and expands manufacturing to Australia. 2018 Kicks off with more than 85 distributors and warehousing centers


SYNLawn launches the revolutionary SuperYarn™ technology. A first-of-its-kind fiber that includes three key components: sanitized antimicrobial, anti-static and enhanced IR reflectors that are now the DNA of the turf


How SYNLawn Artificial Grass is Manufactured in Dalton, GA

SYNLawn Factory in Dalton, GA