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PFAS Free Artificial Grass

PFAS Free Artificial Grass

What are PFAS

Last year, PFAS made headlines with multiple concerns about the environment and human health. This begs the question, what are PFAS? PFAS, short for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are manmade chemicals that have been used in everyday consumer products since the 1940s. PFAS degrade very slowly over time, earning the nickname "forever chemicals". If you can think of any products that are grease or water resistant, they more than likely contain or have contained PFAS in past manufacturing processes. Concerns include PFAS being resilient chemicals that do not break down and are transferrable. As PFAS leech into our soil, they become part of our food supply and in turn PFAS have been found in the blood of people and animals throughout the world.
Further concerns have recently arisen about PFAS being connected to adverse human health effects including certain types of cancer. As a result, many household consumer good companies that have been manufacturing their goods without PFAS have been updating their packaging wording to include “PFAS-FREE”. Goods such as pots and pans with non-stick surfaces, water-repellant outdoor clothing, baby car seats and strollers, furniture, carpet, textiles and so on.

Artificial Grass and PFAS

As a result of this, many plastic based products have come under scrutiny as a potential source of PFAS. In turn, Artificial Grass has recently gone under the microscope as well, particularly in California. Many artificial grass manufacturers continue to use PFAS and other potentially harmful chemicals in their products to increase durability of the product. SYNLawn, however, remains committed to ensuring environmental sustainability and human health and has eliminated any use of PFAS or other harmful chemicals in its products.

SYNLawn through Golden Gate Greens

By choosing to work with Golden Gate Greens and having your SYNLawn installed through us, you are contributing toward protecting your loved ones and the environment. SYNLawn remains at the leading edge of artificial grass technology through rigorous daily in-house testing and further comprehensive independent testing. As the original manufacturer of artificial grass since 1965, SYNLawn is backed by decades of experience and being the best at what it does.
Technologies include:
  • Soy Based Backing – Reduces our petroleum footprint and supports American farmers.
  • Sanitized™ Antimicrobial Grass Fibers – SYNLawn’s exclusive partnership with Sanitized™ allows each grass fiber to be antimicrobial. Since 1935, Sanitized™ has been leading the way in developing and improving everyday hygiene.
  • Dualchill – Significantly reduces heat in your artificial grass by improving IR reflectivity by up to 42% on average.
  • Statblock – Inhibits the buildup of static electricity.

More Testing than any other Artificial Grass Manufacturer

SYNLawn has tested its products for nearly 30 of the most common compounds found in consumer products including PFAS, PFOS, PFOA and more. There have been zero PFAS of any type found in its products and SYNLawn continues to remain true to its commitment to ensuring the elimination of PFAS from its manufacturing process.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself and for your commitment to the environment and human safety. We look forward to helping you achieve the lawn of your dreams with the comfort of knowing you will be able to enjoy your lush, safe, clean, and green artificial grass space for the decades to come.